This blog will chronicle my adventures as a Foster Mom for the Central Florida Pug Rescue. As a pug foster parent, my job involves caring for surrendered pugs until they are adopted by their forever family. If you are interested in adopting a pug, click the link to the right and visit the CFPR website.
Pugs and Kisses,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rainey, the Christmas Pug!

I sat Rainey on a small table in front of the tree the other night and shot some pictures and I have to tell you that I still laugh when I look at them. Rainey looks so severe in these shots which is not an adjective I would use to describe her at all. Rainey is so full of life and so lovable. She CRAVES attention and, even though it gets her in trouble sometimes, I can't help but be in love with that side of her.

She's trying so hard to sit still in this photo when all she really wanted to do was lick my face.

You KNOW you want her in your family!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rainey's Ready for her new Home!

It's official: Rainey is ready to be adopted! I took her to the eye specialist last week and his diagnosis is that Rainey has approximately 30% vision in her remaining eye, due to the fact that the pigment in her eye has moved to cover most of her cornea. The inner eye itself is in great condition – it’s just that silly cornea! He has prescribed two treatments – a simple over the counter gel drop which will help keep her eye lubricated and a more expensive prescription drop which he believes may help to pull back some of the pigment and open up her cornea. The over the counter drops are about $12 (Publix) and I have started using them on her. She gives me no trouble with putting drops in which is a good thing.

These treatments are life long so any family wishing to adopt this beauty will have to be aware of that. The Dr. was FANTASTIC and did a great check up. His equipment was able to record what he saw and play it back for me so I could actually “see” what he was talking about when explaining about her pigment. He says that, when she had the ulcer or injury, what happened was that, as the veins moved in to heal her injury, the pigment “followed” which caused the cornea to be covered. He says it’s kind of like Rainey has a “dirty windshield” where she may see light but not much else, except out of that little crescent on the outside edge.

He went on to say that the over the counter drops would help to keep her eye lubricated because she also has that “pug thing” where the folds on the bottom of the eye fold in and rub against the eye (can’t remember what it’s called) and that also moves the pigment up.

He says that, if she ends up being on the second eye drop, she will have to be seen each year because the drop is a prescription. He says a 45 day supply (one drop a day) is roughly $50. And this is for the rest of her life.

I felt really good after seeing the Dr. because he really helped me to understand Rainey’s condition. As it stands now, she is a VERY spunky little girl with lots and lots of love to give. She will probably do best in a home with maybe one other dog and probably no cats, since she terrorizes them. My poor Siamese twins have been in the other bedroom since Rainey arrived, which makes me sad, She’s pretty dominant but not in a bad way. She wants to play all the time and, if there are two dogs playing together, she will get very upset if she’s not included and will raise a ruckus.

She loves to go for her walks and if you could see my husband walking all three dogs (Rainey, my puglet, Nora and Betty the min pin) you would laugh but, at the same time, be very impressed. He’s really got it going with them. Way cute!

Rainey eats like a horse but is very polite and doesn’t growl when others come near her food. When you give her a treat, she’s very gentle and doesn’t take your finger off. It’s cute to watch because she’ll tilt her little head so she can see what you have and then she’ll open her mouth for it. So so adorable!

Rainey is a beautiful animal with fur so soft that I just want to snuggle with her all day. Snuggle? Oh yes, Rainey is definitely a snuggler. The moment the lights go out in the living room at night, Rainey is the first one to pop up off the couch and run to the bedroom. She likes to be the first one on the bed to get the best spot, right in Mommy’s arms. She’s not a “noisy” sleeper, which is lovely. In fact, she’s not too noisy at all. She’s kind of snuffly and will make a bit of noise when excited but that’s about it.

We bring her in the shower to get washed and, although she’s not fond of it, she’ll be fine once she gets in. She is trained to go outside using the doggy door so I consider her housebroken.

I really really do not recommend having Rainey go to anyone who has an in ground pool. She literally does not see what’s in front of her many times and she will walk right in a pool without even realizing it. And she’s not a swimmer. When we were in Orlando, she fell in 3 times the first day and it was not something I care to have repeated, although I have to say that it was probably harder on me than on Rainey. She’s such a trooper!

So, is there any other adjectives I can add to this post to describe this wonderful girl? If so, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, let’s cross our fingers that the perfect forever family will open their hearts to “Rainey Boo Boo.”

Have a super puggerrific day!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Will YOU be Rainey's Forever Family?

Rainey was picked up as a stray in September and was transferred immediately to our amazing vet due to a severe eye infection. Dr. Hart treated her there for five weeks but, unfortunately, was unable to save Rainey's right eye. She was released to me in late October, and it's been an amazing ride for both Rainey and my family.

Rainey is thought to be about four years old and is a gorgeous fawn color. When you touch her fur, it feels like she's just been doused in conditioner. She's so soft! Her face is such a dark black color that it's sometimes hard to see her features. However, don't let that fool you. Rainey will be "in your face" pretty quickly. She loves to be loved!
I would say that Rainey is a pretty dominant pug, but I don't say that in a bad way. Yes, Rainey is bossy but she's very willing to let you be in charge as long as you show her in a loving way. She's a very good eater, too, so you'll never have to worry that she's not getting enough food.
Ooooooh, she's a snuggler! She loves to cuddle and will let you cradle her in your arms like a baby. She'll burrow into your shoulder and let you carry her around as long as you feel like it. She'll sit in your arms and fall asleep in an instant. She loves to be loved and never gets tired of your attention. When you call her name, her head immediately snaps around to find you and her tail starts going a mile a minute.

Rainey sometimes has trouble with depth perception and will bump into things that she doesn't see. Her forever family will have to be careful that there are no sharp, pointy objects at her eye level that she can be hurt by. She runs pretty fast and, if there's something in her way, she may not see it and will smack right into it. We've been very sensitive to that in our home and have taken care not to move the furniture around alot. Rainey very quickly learned the floor plan of our home and can get around with amazing speed.

This special pug is also housebroken and will benefit from a home that has a doggie door and a fenced in backyard. However, this pug will not do well where there is a pool that she can fall into. This is important: She will not see the pool. She will not know that there is deep water. She WILL fall in and she does not swim. In order to insure Rainey's safety, it will be hard to convince me to let her be adopted by a family with an in ground pool. Sorry.

Rainey is gorgeous. Rainey is very polite. Rainey is a sweetheart of the highest order. Don't let her "winker status" deter you from bringing her into your home. Rainey craves love and will get along well with children and other animals. Yes, she can be dominant with other dogs but, with time and patience, that can be worked through. We have two cats here and I have to admit that Rainey enjoys chasing them but it's only because she wants to play. She loooooooooooves to play and loves her toys. She also loves to go on walks and is in very good physical condition so she doesn't tire easily. Her weight is perfect!
As far as her health, she's great! She has been spayed and is up to date on all her shots. She has been microchipped and is on a heartworm and flea preventative. When she came to us, she was tested and registered a slight heartworm positive but her monthly heartworm preventative takes care of that so that is not an issue.

Her left eye shows a slight bulge due to the infection she had when she was found. We was on an eye serum for two months and will be seen tomorrow by a local veterinary ophthalmologist here in Sarasota. I will post an update on the outcome of that appointment as soon as I can.

Once we know the status on her eye, Rainey will be available for adoption. However, applications are being taken if you think Rainey is the pug for you.

Please consider this adorable puglet. She will change your life. She's THAT special.

Pugs and kisses,
Leslie and Rainey

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rainey Has Left the Building!

Hooray! Rainey has FINALLY been sprung from Dr. Hart's office after 5 weeks. Phew!

I will give you all the full story in a few days. I'm in the middle of packing to move, so everything's in chaos around here. Suffice it to say, though, that Rainey is adjusting well to her home.

Leslie and Rainey

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pia Peanut at Petco!

Saturday was our September Adoption Event at Petco in Altamonte Springs, and Pia had such fun hanging out with the other puglets. She danced around in her bright red scrunchie, which all adoptees wear, and she wasn't the least bit anxious. Her medicine has worked so well for her and it showed during this event which was, at times, pretty noisy and filled with lots of activity. Pia settled in quite well and gave lots of pug kisses to anyone who came near her. Nora accompanied Pia and kept an eye on her, which was so adorable. Whenever Pia got out of her sight, Nora would bark as if to say "Hey! Where you at?" Too, too cute!
I was able to gets lots of pictures of some of our newer rescue pugs. Gosh, these pugs are so incredibly sweet, and I'm convinced that it won't be long before they all have forever families.

Isis, our newest "winker," was on hand and sat quite sweetly for her photographs, which will be used to update her bio on the rescue site (
Willy, a former puppy mill breeder, enjoyed his first Petco event. Although Willy has spent his whole life in a cage in the backyard, he really adjusted well to being surrounded by so many dogs. We all agreed that he can't get neutered soon enough since he was "quite the lothario," to put it mildly. He's a bit underweight but, otherwise, he's a handsome boy. Nora tried on a "fabulous dress" made by Michelle, an amazing seamstress, who sews for the Rescue's clothing line. We are always so happy to have visits from former rescues, who sometimes come to hang out with us. Say hello to Bonnie, Julia and Patty!We had a great day at Petco and are all looking forward to this Saturday's Sock Hop, our annual fundraiser. More on that tomorrow!

Pug hugs,
Leslie and Pia Peanut

Friday, September 19, 2008

Rainey Update!

I spoke with Dr. Hart's office a little while ago and was told that Rainey is still being treated for her eye injury as well as for a cough that she has developed since she's been there. Gosh, it's been a long two weeks for this special girl but she seems to be doing well. Although I still haven't been able to take her home, I'm confident that Rainey's in the best possible hands at Dr. Hart's office. The vet techs and front office staff are very nice about my "stalking" and are always willing to answer my questions.

Here are some pictures that Mary, one of the Rescue's amazing volunteers, took of Rainey. These pictures were taken 6 days ago, so I imagine there's been some improvement since then. I will be visiting Rainey tomorrow and will get some updated pictures to show.

Isn't she a beauty? Check out her adorable face with all those wrinkles! And her color! Simply adorable, just as all pugs are!

If you're interested in being Rainey's forever family once she's "all better," let us know by clicking the box on the right sidebar. Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, maybe you'd be interested in making a donation to help pay for Rainey's treatment? Contact the Rescue if you'd like to help.

Have a super duper, Pugerrific day!
Leslie and Rainey

Monday, September 15, 2008

Best Friends!

Nora and Pia Peanut have become such great friends. Nora, at almost 2 years old, really has grown into such a caring little girl. It's amazing to see how she watches out for Pia. When Matt walks them in the morning (what a nice guy, letting me sleep in!), Nora always waits for Pia and never rushes ahead. Sometimes, Pia will slip her collar (she has NO neck!) and, when that happens, Nora runs and "herds" her back to Matt. So cute.

When the two girls are snuggling on the couch, Nora's favorite spot is literally right on top of Pia. She'll rest her chin on Pia's head and sleep just like that, and Pia doesn't even seem to mind.
Pia is doing so well and has really settled in to her schedule of medications, which she takes like a trouper. Once she has her dental done (bad breath! PHEW!), she'll be ready for her forever family. If you or someone you know is able to give Pia that perfect home, please let us know. Pia gets along well with dogs, cats and people. To be honest, she'd probably do much better in a family that doesn't have small children because Pia really does best in a calm environment. She likes her very short walks in the morning and evening, with a few potty breaks during the day. Otherwise, she sleeps. If you have a fenced in yard and a doggie door, that would be heaven for Pia since one of her medications makes her very thirsty, and lots of water means more potty breaks!
Have a super day!
Pug Hugs,
Leslie, Nora and Pia

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rainey and Pia Update!

I spoke with the vet office and Rainey is making great progress! Her eye is really responding the the serum and she's free of fleas and smelling like a rose! She snuggles in her cage with the stuffed pug I bought her and seems to be comfortable. Apparently, though, another pug has moved into the cage next to her, and the two of them have been carrying on quite the loud "conversation." Hopefully, once she's in her foster home, her barking will not be a problem.

Pia continues to do so well. She is one of the happiest pugs I have ever met! She "talks" too, which is too adorable! She's be one of those pugs who could be taught to say "I love you!" She looks at you with a little piece of her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth and you just want to squeeze her until she squeaks.

Pia will be getting her dental done soon and then she'll be ready to go to a forever family. Please don't be intimidated by the fact that she's on medications. Once you get in a routine, it's an easy process. Pia takes her meds with ABSOLUTELY NO TROUBLE which totally blows my mind because every other pet that I've tried to give a pill to has always put up a fight. Not Pia, though. She's a trooper!

I'm hoping to get some new pics of Pia doing some of her cute stuff, like hiding under the bed covers and snuggling with Nora on the couch.

Pugs and Kisses,
Leslie, Nora, Pia, and Rainey

Monday, September 8, 2008

Great News!

I'm so happy to report some great news received yesterday from Dr. Hart's office:

Rainey was examined, and Dr. Schnarz believes that she will NOT lose her eye! Woo hoo! Are you dancin' or WHAT? They mixed up some of their super duper eye serum, and Rainey will spend the week in the office getting her eye better. I was sooooooooo excited to hear this news. Even though Rainey would've looked adorable as a "winker," having two functioning eyes is certainly a better outcome, wouldn't you agree?

She was also retested for HW, and it was discovered that she had a very slight positive, so (more good news) she won't need that nasty HW treatment after all. They'll treat her with a good dose of HW preventative and that will be that. Gosh! Now that REALLY made my day. Years ago, I had a shepherd with HW, and I still remember how difficult the recovery was for Skye. I'm so happy to know that Rainey won't have to go through that.

Of course, sweetie pie was covered in fleas and was treated for that. I imagine that, after a flea treatment and a bath, Rainey is probably looking pret-ty darn gorgeous. I can't wait to take a photo of her because the video really does not show the beauty of this special girl.

Have a pugarrific day!
Leslie, Nora, Pia and Rainey

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A New Rescue!

Rainey was rescued from Polk County Animal Services, where she was picked up a couple days ago as a stray. She is a beautiful young lady, about 4 yo according to the vet that saw her at the shelter. Unfortunately, there's a bit of a hard road ahead for this puglet because she was found to be heartworm positive. She also has a pretty nasty injury to her right eye.

Right now, she's resting comfortably at Dr. Hart's office. I'm very confident that Dr. Hart and his staff will take extra special care of this beauty.

Although I don't have any photos to share, I managed to snag this video of her outside Dr. Hart's office.

Please stop back as I will be updating Rainey's progress as it is known.

Oh yeah, Pia is doing fantastic! She's responded real well to her meds and is really making progress. More to come!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Yesterday, I bought Pia a life jacket for the pool. My husband, Matt, gave me all kinds of crazy looks and even had the nerve to ask "Why does she need that?" Of course, my answer was "Because I said so!" Gosh, I haven't used that line since the girls were small! heh heh heh.....

Anyhow, I digress............. I strapped Pia into her jacket and took her into the pool. Oh my gosh, she loved it! Once she got used to the floating aspect, she was so happy to be hanging out in the pool. For the most part, I had her front paws laying on top of my forearm, which gave her a feeling a security. Her legs just hung out the back. She really was floating and she didn't even know it!
One thing I've discovered about Pia is that she gets hot quite easily. However, if I am able to pop her in the pool for a few minutes, she cools off quickly and has a much easier time of it. Last night, after her swim, she was so much calmer than she usually has been at night. I think that floating on the water relaxes her as well as cools her off. Her breathing gets real soft and she almost falls asleep. Way too cute! She even kicked her back legs a bit. And her tongue never stayed in her mouth. What a look!
Nora wouldn't stop coming to the edge of the pool, trying to check out Pia's new couture. I think I may try the jacket on Nora next to see if she can lose her fear of the pool.

With the weather in the 90's every day here in the Orlando area, I'm sure this new jacket will be getting lots of use.

Pugs and Kisses,
Leslie and the Puglets

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a Ham!

Pia is doing real well and responding well to her medications. Here are some pictures of this precious pug. Don't you just wanna take her home for your very own?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Update on Miss Pia Peanut!

Pia spent a few days at Dr. Hart's office last weekend because I "just knew" that something wasn't right with my sweet Pia. Dr. Hart did a full blood panel and x-rays, and this is what they found: Pia has an enlarged heart and had a bunch of fluid in her lungs.

At first, I was so worried for my little girl because having an enlarged heart means lifelong medication, and I was afraid that it would make it harder for Pia to get adopted. WELL! Let me put your mind at ease because this precious pug has done a complete turnaround. It's pretty darn amazing, if I do say so myself!
Pia's breathing is 200% improved and, because of that, her energy level is much better. We go on walks and she runs! It's adorable! Her voracious eating has completely calmed down and her peeing in the house has basically stopped. She actually jumped on me and barked yesterday to go outside. Now THAT is an improvement! She still has lots of potty breaks, due to one of the meds, but it's nothing like it was before, and Pia's much more "in control" of it. I feel like, before, she really didn't have control over her peeing, but that's all gone now. Everybody's happy!

She also snuggles with me more now and, like most pugs, follows me everywhere I go, even if it's just from this chair to the kitchen, which is literally 10 steps away.

Oh, and did I tell you that Pia and Nora are best buddies now? Maybe Nora sensed that Pia's health was funky because, now that Pia has improved so much, Nora loves to be around her. They snuggle up on the couch together and, whenever Pia walks by Nora, Nora grabs her ear and gives her a "love bite." So cute!
Pia wakes up every morning as happy as a clam. When I open up her kennel, she jumps all over me and makes her little noises, which have become so dear to me. She just loves to talk and say "I love you" in her pug language! She immediately runs to the front door for her morning walk, which she absolutely LOVES. She has a cute little routine she does every morning and, when she's done walking, she runs over to me and jumps up as if to say "OK, I'm done now." Once I head toward home, she starts running like crazy, which is something she never did before. She runs to the front door and, when I open it, she runs to the kitchen because she knows she'll get a little treat for going potty (bribery will get you everywhere!). Right now, she takes 3 meds each morning and 1 at night. Believe it or not, this little girl gives me NO TROUBLE taking pills. It's pretty amazing considering the fact that dogs and cats always seem to know the "trick" of hiding pills until you walk away and then they spit it out. Well, not for this little puglet. She's really good about taking meds.

I'm hoping that, once her system gets more stabilized, she won't have so many meds to take. We'll see. Whichever way it ends up, this little girl is STILL a perfect little pug who will make some happy family even happier. She's a dream..........a cute little girl with a big heart (pun intended!).
Have a puggerrific day!

Leslie and Precious Pia Peanut

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Quiet Around Here!

My house has been so quiet because Miss Pia has been hanging out at Dr. Hart's office since yesterday. I took her in for some blood work and x-rays because I just felt that something wasn't "right" with my little puglet.

When I spoke with Dr. Hart a little while ago, he mentioned that Pia has some congestion in her lungs, so he's going to keep her there for a couple more days and pump her little body full of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. I'll talk to the office on Tuesday and will be back with an update.

Please send loving pug wishes to Pia Peanut. She's such a sweet, sweet little soul and I miss her around here. Nora isn't quite sure what's going on but I think she senses that something is different around here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Pia Peanut!

Pia has got to be one of the happiest pugs I've ever met! She's always smiling, with her tongue hanging out! She's starting to "play" a bit every now and then, and Nora gets so excited. Pia has taken to stealing Nora's toys and chewing on them. She's found the squeak in a couple of them, which makes her very excited! She still loves to sleep.......and sleep......and sleep. Well, that's what pugs do!This morning, Nora starting barking up a storm. It was too early for the lawn guys, so I figured it must be the other "distraction" that makes Nora crazy - hot air balloons! Yup, we are really lucky that the local hot air balloon ride companies fly over our home nearly every day. It's so awesome to hear the "whoosh" of the air as it lifts the balloons in the sky. Today, the balloons were extra close, and Nora was running around like a madwoman! Pia, on the other hand, just stood there watching. Pia doesn't get very excited about much of anything unless it involves food.
Pia is still giving me trouble in the "peeing department." Because we don't have a doggie door out to the back yard, I have to watch for Pia's "signs" when she has to go out. She does this little "turning dance" when she's getting ready to pee and, sometimes, I'm not always there to see it. Verrrrrrrrrrrry annoying.............................. I've restricted her to just the kitchen and family room area, so she really can't get out of my sight. HOWEVER, if we "forget" to close the bedroom door, she'll just run in there and, the next thing I know, she's peed on Matt's pants or shorts or whatever he's left on the bedroom floor. Frankly, I'm not sure what to do about this and I'm hoping this won't become so much of a habit that it will keep Pia from finding her forever family. She loves to go out the doggie door to the pool area and, when I DO take her out for a potty break (which is, like 20 times a day - seriously!), she goes right away and then comes right back in. If anyone has any ideas on this, I'd certainly appreciate it. Nora was so much easier to housetrain. I really want Pia to "get" this important thing. She's still on her meds, so maybe THAT'S the issue. I'm also going to call the vet and get her some bloodwork because maybe it's something else. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, Pia is happy as a clam, wanting to eat everything in sight! She loves to be loved on and makes me laugh every single day!
Have a super day,
Leslie and Pia

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hangin' Out at Petco!

Yesterday, Pia traveled to Petco for our monthly adoption event. Although the event itself was very successful with lots of positive interest and new homes for some of our puglets (a few people even spent time with Pia too!), Pia did not handle the excitement very well. My overall thoughts are this: Pia Peanut does NOT enjoy strange environments. The "boys" were really rambunctious, and this little sweetie was a bit overwhelmed by all the action and stimulation. She was very "noisy" and took quite a while to settle down once she was able to lay down in a kennel by herself. I don't think she enjoyed Petco at all so, in the future, Pia will most like rest at home while I attend the adoption events. It REALLY is all about Pia, and I think the best environment for her is a mellow-ish home with a low "noise factor." Make sense?

The prednisone Pia is currently being prescribed is making her soooooooooo thirsty and, therefore, she has a bazillion potty breaks during the day. She's had a couple accidents in the house, and I truly believe that, once she's done with this medication, her potty habits will get a bit more scheduled. She's totally a creature of habit and, when it's potty time, she goes right to the same place every single time. She does not enjoy long walks, probably because she tires easily and gets all "noisy" when she's tired. Hopefully, that will also get better.

I didn't get in Pia's face with the camera yesterday, but I WAS able to snap quite a few shots of the other pugs at the event, so I'll share them with you here. Pugs are such people magnets!
Julia, our Welcoming Committee!
Carter Takin' a Snooze..............
Chayse is crossing his paws that he'll get to live with his new buddy!
Caesar chose his Forever Family today! Hooray!
Bubbles is modeling one of the "Fashionable Furbabies" Hawaiian dresses
Murphy is hamming it up!
Happy Sunday!
Leslie and Pia

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweet Potatoe Pia!

It has truly been a joy to watch "the new Pia" emerge. You know, I never realized how much Zoey "ran the show" until she went to her new family. Before, Pia was an unassuming little pug who made LOTS of noises. If you saw her now, you would wonder if someone didn't "pull a switcheroo" because Pia is blossoming! How exciting!

I've been really watching her stress and activity levels and have made the decision to limit the big walks we take together. Pia just gets too overheated too fast and THAT'S when she has trouble breathing and starts with the noises. For now, we go out to the back yard to go potty and come right back in during the heat of the day. Once it starts cooling down, we spend more time in the yard, bringing Nora along for company. Pia still isn't fond of walking with a leash and I'm not going to force it on her right now. We're taking things nice and slow.......................

I think I may have mentioned that I made a vegetable puree to use in Pia's food in the evenings. Well, she LOVES this stuff! Yesterday, I couldn't get her dinner made fast enough because she was really letting me know she was hungry. She gets all excited without getting all "screamy" and she'll jump on my legs and hang her tongue out. I get the message quickly and try my hardest to put her dinner together right away.

Last night, I placed her bowl on the floor, and she dove right in! Oh my gosh, what a riot! She sounded like a little piglet, gobbling up her dinner. When she was done, she looked up at me and this is what she looked like:
Don't you just wanna squeeze her? I laughed and laughed and gave her all kinds of hugs, which I'm discovering is something she just loves.

Pia is really changing, and I'm so happy about that. She gives me no trouble when it's medicine time, and she loves to sleep on the couch right next to me. Nora loves to give her kisses too. When Pia sleeps, a little piece of her tongue hangs out and, when she wakes up, she looks at you and it's still sticking out and it's so comical. She sleeps in her kennel at night, and she never minds. However, when morning comes, I hear her little bark (it really IS a little one!) and I know it's time to get up.
My Sweet Potato Pia is a truly remarkable little pug. Have a great day!
Pugs and Kisses,
Leslie and the girls

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"And they all rolled over, and one fell out......"

Remember that childhood song? As I think about Zoey joining her forever family, this song keeps playing through my head. We're minus one pug. That's right! On Monday, Zoey traveled to North Port, FL to join the Hornberger family: Rick, Mimi, Katie and Maggie. Since Mimi is one of my dearest friends, it really wasn't a sad moment for ME personally, because I know I'll get to visit this precious little girl again.

We landed at Mimi's at about 11 in the morning, and Zoey jumped right out of the car and proceeded to run around Mimi's HUGE yard. She greeted Mimi with lots of pug lovin' and made herself right at home in Mimi's "Paper Rose Studio." Zoey and Mimi will be doing lots of bonding at the Paper Rose, since Mimi is a talented card artist and designer who spends lots of time creating wonderful greetings. Check her out here and you'll know what I mean.

Anyhow, Zoey is now settled in. I'm hoping for some family photos soon to post here. Congratulations, Zoey! You've found your forever family. xo

As for Pia....................................Good Lord! We have had quite an exciting two days. Monday night, Pia started her "noises" but, this time, she didn't stop for almost three hours. She got herself all worked up and, at 11:00 that night, I was driving to Walgreen's in my jammies to get some Benadryl. It took her quite a while to settle down if you even want to call it that, because she was restless all night long. I finally got out of bed at 5:45 yesterday morning and was immediately concerned because Pia seemed to be struggling to breathe and was almost choking. I ran around the house, throwing everything into the car and was on the road at 7:15, driving back to Orlando and to the vet. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive, but we finally made it to Altamonte Animal Clinic, where we were joined by Wendi from the Rescue. Thanks AGAIN Wendi!

Of course, I was a nervous wreck, probably more nervous than Pia. When we finally saw Dr. Schnars, I was told that Pia's breathing was directly related to an allergic reaction, and her throat was basically made raw by her Monday evening episode. I think that, between the grass at Mimi's and the grass at my Sarasota home, she got way too much pollen or whatever was in the grass and it put her in a bad situation. Dr. Schnars is an awesome woman, and she spent lots of time explaining the breathing system of pugs. I learned quite alot from her and will be watching Pia closely from now on.

Pia got a shot and an antibiotic, and then we headed home. Between Pia, Nora and me, we crashed the minute we got in the door. We were all so exhausted. Nora was beside herself, trying her hardest to make Pia feel better by walking all over her and licking her and basically loving on her the only way she knew how. So sweet.

The rest of the day was spent resting. Pia stayed real close to me and, even now, continues to be my little shadow. With Zoey in her new home, Pia is really able to get the attention she apparently has been craving. This little girl is soooooooooooooo loving. She looks at you with a little bit of her tongue sticking out and you just wanna squeeze her!

I got some great tips from Dr. Schnars and, on the way home yesterday, we stopped at Walgreen's (it's becoming my second home!) for some Vitamin E and Fish Oil capsules. Walgreen's was having a "buy 1, get 1 free" sale, so I was able to stock up. Because of the medications Pia's taking, Dr. Schnars recommended I put Vitamin E in her food each day (50-100 IU), which will help her liver. She also recommended that, each day, I put fish oil or olive oil or flax seed oil in her food. Sooooooooooooo, I grabbed one of the fish oil capsules, stuck it with a knife and poured it over her food, which she promptly gobbled up. The oils are good for the pug's coat, which was another thing I learned.

I spoiled Pia last night! I cooked some baby carrots, sugar snap peas and sweet potatoes and made a puree, which I then added to her food. Oh my gosh, she loved it! I decided that she'll have this special dinner each night which will, hopefully, help her in weight loss department.

So, this is where we are right now! Pia is on the mend and, at present, she's laying right here by my feed, softly snoring her cute little pug snore. We're going to spend the day together, doing laundry, knitting and basically vegging out!
Have a super day everyone!
Pug Hugs,
Leslie, Nora and Pia

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bad to the Bone!

Yesterday was the 4th of July, and I decided to buy the pugs a special treat so they could celebrate too! :) I bought each of them a marrow bone from the grocery store and, if you could have seen Zoey and Pia "go at it," you would still be laughing!
Pia chased her bone around the kitchen floor for a bit but finally was able to "corner it" aside a small cabinet. She never left that bone until she was able to get the marrow out of the center. What a fun thing to watch! Pia was soooooooooooo happy!

Zoe, on the other hand, immediately wanted to bury hers, and she tried very hard to do that under a small blanket on the couch. After her many attempts failed to cover her prize, she seemed to say "what the heck!" and starting noshing away.

Nora, of course, is an old hand at the marrow bone chewing gig, so she got right down to business!

Once the marrow is eaten out of the center of the bone, the bones are usually left there unattended for a bit until one of the pugs notices it and starts chewing on it. Zoey got very territorial about the bones this morning and had two of them right by her side on the couch. If anyone tried to come close, she'd give them her little "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, don't you even THINK about takin' my bonez!"

It was a great 4th and, thankfully, we didn't have lots of noisy firecrackers in the neighborhood, so the pugs were relatively quiet and had a great night's sleep.

Zoey goes to her forever family in two days, so I'm storing up all the pug hugs I can get from her. I think she's going to really enjoy her new family. She's showing to be a pretty "bossy" pug, and she wants to be held all the time or at least be right at your feet. She's such a good girl with lots of energy and love.

Honestly, I think Pia's personality is really going to come out when she's here with just Nora. It seemed that Zoey would naturally "dominate any conversation" so Pia hasn't really had a chance to shine. She's already feeling SO MUCH BETTER from her antibiotics. She lets me clean out her ears and apply her drops twice a day and gives me absolutely no problem taking her little orange pill. She's a sweet, sweet little soul. Her vocals have even quieted down a bit, and I figure it's a combination of her medication and the fact that she may have lost a little weight and is actually breathing better. She's becoming very lovable, which I totally love, and she and Nora get along real well. She goes in and out of the dog door (Zoey still hasn't gotten the hang of it) easily. I also think that, if she lived in a home with a fenced in yard that she could have easy access to at any hour, her housebreaking issues would go away. She walks over to the poolside door but, because there's no way for her to get right out, she will sometimes have an accident if I don't "see her signs" right away.

All in all, I have to give these two little girls lots of credit. In the short time they've been with me, they have truly done well. They are such lovers, and they really just want to be with their family.

They're awesome! That's all I have to say......................................

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Hooray! I think Zoey has a home (pending her approval, that is.......)!

Zoey will be traveling a bit south to "check out" some friends who are very excited about the possibility of giving her a forever family. Of course, I'll keep you posted. I must admit that I am so very excited that this particular family has applied for Zoey's adoption.

More later.................................

Settling In..................

We're starting to get into a pattern here these days. At 7 in the morning, Matt and Nora head out to the kitchen to make the coffee. Zoey and Pia hear all the commotion and start "chirping" from the other room. Matt opens their cages and Zoey IMMEDIATELY jets off into my bedroom to find me, Pia trailing right behind of course!
It's really adorable to see how their personalities are starting to emerge. Zoey LOVES attention and will spend the whole day sitting on your lap if you let her. Right now, she's right beneath my feet as I type this, sort of like THIS:

Pia is starting to feel better after a couple days on her antibiotics for the bladder and ear infection. She's so good about taking her medicine and doesn't mind much when she gets ear wash squirted in her ears. She's a trooper! Right now, this is her position:

They don't like carrots! However, last night I ground up some sugar snap peas in their dinner and they didn't seem to notice. Zoey doesn't like to eat too much in the morning but will scarf down her dinner at night. They love love love to go on walks. When they see me grab their harnesses, they get all excited! Watching their little feet scurry up the sidewalk is so cute. I wish I had a video. The hot air balloons that fill the sky near our home every morning are not such a big deal anymore.
I'm still having a few little housebreaking issues here and there with Pia. I'm hoping that, once her bladder infection clears up, she'll be better. It's just that she doesn't "tell me" when she has to go out and, since I don't have a fenced in yard here, she can't just run out and do her thing.
All in all, we're still having fun over here. I've been working on projects for the rescue and am looking forward to showing Zoey off at Petco in Altamonte Springs on Saturday, July 12 from 11 to 3. If you know of anyone who would like to adopt this adorable little girl, send them to Petco. Zoey will be the little meatball with the huge smile!
Pug hugs,
Leslie and her babies