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Pugs and Kisses,

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday News

Matt took Nora with him to Sarasota, so it's just me and my two puglets until they return tomorrow evening. They don't seem to even know that Nora is gone! HMPH!

OK, first things first - Peanut is now being referred to as "Pia" on the CFPR site due to the fact that we have had lots of "Peanut Pugs" and it's getting confusing. I've been calling her "Pia Peanut" to get her used to her new name. For some reason, I've started calling Zoey "JoJo" and, frankly, I have no idea why. It makes Matt laugh, probably because my mom's name is JoAnn. No offense, Mom.................

Now that the girls are "settling in," so to speak, it's very interesting to see who's the boss. It's Zoey! She gets right in Pia's face and gangs up on her, which I'm putting a stop to RIGHT NOW. I never DID like bossy girls! I'm not sure what's up with that, but I'm watching the situation closely.

Another situation I'm noticing is that Pia is exhibiting what I can only describe as "marking" behavior. Now correct if I'm wrong, but I thought only males did that? Well, Pia walked up to the chair today, did her little dance, and then lifted her leg and marked. Then I caught her just in time to prevent her from doing it against the bedroom door. Now I have NO IDEA why she is doing that, and I hope the vet will help me out with an answer when we go for our checkups on Tuesday morning. I'm hoping that it's because Pia is in a new environment and that it'll fix itself, but I just don't know................strange.

Yesterday, the two of them figured out how to go out through the doggie door. Unfortunately, they haven't figured out how to get back in! They've taken to running to the back door to go outside which is making me very happy. They're eating better now and sleeping the day away like good little pugs. They're happy.

No pictures today. I have a friend coming for an overnight visit today so, hopefully, I can share some pictures of Mimi and the girls. Mimi was so nice and spotlighted this blog on HER blog, which gets lots of traffic. Thanks, Mimi! Mimi is also an amazing card designer and she's gonna help me with some cards for fundraising. I can't wait! Mimi also sews. Actually, Mimi does EVERYTHING! She's a great friend and we're gonna have lots of fun over the next two days with paper, fabric and puglets! See you tomorrow!

Pugfully Yours,
Leslie, Pia and Zoey

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