This blog will chronicle my adventures as a Foster Mom for the Central Florida Pug Rescue. As a pug foster parent, my job involves caring for surrendered pugs until they are adopted by their forever family. If you are interested in adopting a pug, click the link to the right and visit the CFPR website.
Pugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome Home, Peanut and Zoey!

OH – MY – GOSH! What a riot! I am happy to report that Zoey and Peanut are settling in just puggerrifically! OK, so they’re snorting like crazy, and Nora just isn’t quite sure what to make of these two newcomers who gobble up food like it was the last supper! Zoey is an adorable black beauty with, I think, the most adorable ears that stick up in the cutest way I have ever seen. Her smile will melt your heart, and I will guarantee she will be scooped up real quick when it's time for her to be adopted.
That’s not to say that Peanut is any slouch! She makes all kinds of noise which I’m sure is due, in part, to the fact that she’s kinda chubby. However, I did console her with the fact that NO, her butt does NOT look big in her new harness! The surrender was sad, as expected, but Sherri was happy with her decision to surrender to CFPR. I can tell that she loves these girls because they are so sweet and not the least bit cranky AT ALL. They have very nice manners and didn’t mind Nora getting right in their face when they first walked in the door.

I stopped at Pet Supermarket on the way home to get each of the girls a brand new harness and a tag with my phone number on it “just in case.” They weren’t too upset in the car so the ride home was uneventful.

Right now, all three of them are sitting under my chair and Nora is trying so hard to get Peanut to play with her. She’s squeaking at Peanut and it’s so adorable. Peanut is just standing there, making noise. Good Lord! Where are my earplugs! Nora keeps “scooching up” to Peanut and is just about as close as she can get and, yet, nothing! Peanut is ignoring her. Of course, Nora doesn’t understand because she’s never had that problem before. They’ve figured out the doggie door and have inspected the pool area. They were poking around the little plastic kiddie pool I have which means I guess I’ll have to put some water in it tomorrow to let them splash around. They basically ignored the pool which I was happy about. However, I’ll be watching them like a hawk.

These girls are a dream! As soon as they settle in more, I’ll try to capture a video for the blog. Please stop by again to see how much fun we’re having without you.

Pugs and Kisses,
Leslie, Nora, Peanut and Zoey


Anonymous said...


I love the Blog! I am so glad you are enjoying your foster experience. It is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Good luck with the girls, hopefully they will have a forever home really soon. I look forward to more posts!


Sharon H said...

This is a wonderful way for everyone to see a foster home in action and encourage others to become a foster home one day to any animal in need. You're doing a great job with the two girls and how lucky they are to have a great foster mom.