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Pugs and Kisses,

Friday, June 27, 2008

What's in a Name Anyway?

So, yesterday it was all about Zoey. Today, it's all about Peanut who, right now, is conked out on the couch, making all kinds of noise. Matt, my husband, says that she could star in her very own sci-fi movie because she sounds just like an alien! I think Peanut could give Stitch a run for his money in the noise department! There may be a name change in the works for Miss Peanut due to the fact that the Rescue has quite a few Peanuts, and it could get confusing. I have suggested "Pia," which kind of sounds a bit like Peanut and may not be so confusing to the puglet. This little lady, I am finding, definitely has ideas of her own, so changing her name to something entirely different sounding may not sit well with her. I'll keep you posted but, until then, she's still Peanut.

Peanuts are small, huh? Well, this sweetie is small as in she's a small pug but, at 18 lbs., she's a bit of a pug sausage. We've been taking walks a few times a day, and Peanut loves strutting her stuff in her new hot pink harness. Actually, she'll walk with me without a leash because, frankly, she can't run too fast! As she becomes more comfortable with me, she gets a bit more courageous and has taken to moving off the sidewalk path and into the grassy areas of my neighborhood. I'm blessed to be renting a home in a neighborhood that consists of mainly vacation rental homes, so there aren't too many people around these days. Because of that, there aren't many cars driving around either, so it makes our daily walks very quiet and peaceful. Peanut is very focused on what she's doing, so she doesn't get too distracted. She likes to roll around and "get her smell" into the grass. Of course, then she promptly pees on it! I still haven't figured out this whole "dog marking thing," but it sure is interesting to see three pugs all rolling around and "marking" the same spot, one after another. Riotous!
I'm having trouble getting Peanut and Zoey to eat the food that I feed Nora. Nora has been eating Bil Jac for awhile and really loves it. These two snub their adorable little noses up at it. Therefore, I've kind of been bribing them by adding some wet food into their bowl. When that happens, look out because they come flying and it truly is a sight to behold! OH-MY-GOSH! This is where the "alien sounds" of Miss Peanut get really loud. It's almost a kind of scream, and Matt thinks there's something wrong with her because "those sounds can't be good!" Frankly, I don't have an answer for that but, since we have an appointment with Dr. Hart on Tuesday for a checkup, I'm sure we'll have an answer either way. Until then, I wish I had a video of Peanut doing her "Stitch thing" because it's hysterical. For instance, we were watching "We Are Marshall" on a DVD the other night. Of course, all the pugs were with us on the couch and Peanut was on my lap. I have to tell you, and I'm not lying, that I had to put the volume up on the tv almost ALL THE WAY because I couldn't hear anything except the sounds of this pug. Matt and I just busted out laughing at the hilarity of it all.

Oh, so about the food: One of the CFPR volunteers gave me some good ideas about the food issue and I'm gonna try them out. Stay tuned........................

Peanut is so sweet. She looks at you with a little bit of her tongue caught between her teeth and you just want to scoop her up and squeeze her. She loves to give kisses, and she'll hang out on your lap whenever she gets the chance. She sleeps alot but, at 7 years old, that's kind of the drill. She gives me no trouble at all when she has to go in her kennel at night or when I have to go out. Other than her vocalizing, she hasn't barked at all. It'll be interesting to hear what THAT sounds like when it happens.
She snuffles around and sounds just like a little baby elephant, and that is my most favorite sound of all. It's kind of a chugging sound and way too cute. She hasn't expressed much interest in toys and really likes to lay on a fleece blanket when she's snoozing on the couch. When she's not there, you'll find her either sprawled out on the kitchen floor or underneath the chair I'm currently sitting on. I try to walk around quietly because, otherwise, she'll pop up and follow me, even if it's just to the refrigerator and back.Can you tell I'm having fun? Of course, nothing is getting done around her again today. I'm just puggin' it with my girls, and Matt doesn't mind fishing his clean socks out of the laundry basket.

Pugs and Kisses,
Leslie and her aliens

PS: When you were young, did you ever know anyone who could touch their nose with their tongue? I know somebody!

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Melissa said...

Oh what fun you must be having!! I'm thoroughly enjoying your updates!

Many Blessings,