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Pugs and Kisses,

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yesterday, I met a really great woman who makes the cutest pet bandanas, as well as other really awesome pet stuff. Of course, I couldn't walk away without buying each of the puglets a present. Cathy Lalumiere of Happy Paws Bakery and Emporium was soooooooo wonderful, and she even gave me the "foster pet discount." Cathy is involved in ferret rescue, so we spent a little time talking about what we had in common.

Cathy sews her own line of bandanas, collars and leashes and, I have to say, the quality of her work is so great! We talked a bit about the possibility of her making me some special "Captain Pug vests" for my fosters and, hopefully, that'll come together. I'm always happy to support those who are involved in rescuing. You can reach Cathy at if you'd like to know more about her product line.

In the meantime, here is a video of the girls with their bandanas. My friend, Mimi, was visiting from North Port, and she has this really neato Flip Video Camera. Mimi took a few videos of the girls and we laughed like crazy at their antics. You'll even get a chance to hear Pia's very special vocalizations. However, pretend I'm not there. I just hate watching myself on camera, and I'm sure that I look like I seriously need a diet. UGH!

A Day in the Life........

The girls love going outside, and they especially love to go on walks. They sit very patiently while I snap on their harnesses, and they walk very nicely on the leash although, most of the time, I just take them out without leashes since the neighborhood is so quiet and you hardly ever see a car. However, Pia has taken to walking away from me and proves just a wee bit stubborn about coming back. I guess I'll have to start leashing them for real. The end of our walk will usually find Pia in my arms with Zoey trotting right by my side. Zoey's good like that.

In fact, Zoey is quite the sweetheart. She loves me to pick her up and hold her in my arms with her on her back. She loves a good belly rub and will sit there quietly for as long as anyone will allow. While Pia gets "antsy" after a little bit, that is not the case with Zoey. She's a love.

Mimi and I were talking about whether or not I thought these two could be adopted separately. While the two girls play with each other occasionally, I don't see them necessarily needing to be together all the time. They don't nap together and, most of the time, they sleep in different parts of the room. When I'm at the computer (like now), they'll both lay under the chair, but it's not as if they HAVE to be together. Actually, Zoey pays more attention to Pia than Pia does to Zoey. However, I'm still getting to know their habits, so I don't want to make a hasty assessment. Stay tuned...............................

Have a super day!

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