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Pugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"And they all rolled over, and one fell out......"

Remember that childhood song? As I think about Zoey joining her forever family, this song keeps playing through my head. We're minus one pug. That's right! On Monday, Zoey traveled to North Port, FL to join the Hornberger family: Rick, Mimi, Katie and Maggie. Since Mimi is one of my dearest friends, it really wasn't a sad moment for ME personally, because I know I'll get to visit this precious little girl again.

We landed at Mimi's at about 11 in the morning, and Zoey jumped right out of the car and proceeded to run around Mimi's HUGE yard. She greeted Mimi with lots of pug lovin' and made herself right at home in Mimi's "Paper Rose Studio." Zoey and Mimi will be doing lots of bonding at the Paper Rose, since Mimi is a talented card artist and designer who spends lots of time creating wonderful greetings. Check her out here and you'll know what I mean.

Anyhow, Zoey is now settled in. I'm hoping for some family photos soon to post here. Congratulations, Zoey! You've found your forever family. xo

As for Pia....................................Good Lord! We have had quite an exciting two days. Monday night, Pia started her "noises" but, this time, she didn't stop for almost three hours. She got herself all worked up and, at 11:00 that night, I was driving to Walgreen's in my jammies to get some Benadryl. It took her quite a while to settle down if you even want to call it that, because she was restless all night long. I finally got out of bed at 5:45 yesterday morning and was immediately concerned because Pia seemed to be struggling to breathe and was almost choking. I ran around the house, throwing everything into the car and was on the road at 7:15, driving back to Orlando and to the vet. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive, but we finally made it to Altamonte Animal Clinic, where we were joined by Wendi from the Rescue. Thanks AGAIN Wendi!

Of course, I was a nervous wreck, probably more nervous than Pia. When we finally saw Dr. Schnars, I was told that Pia's breathing was directly related to an allergic reaction, and her throat was basically made raw by her Monday evening episode. I think that, between the grass at Mimi's and the grass at my Sarasota home, she got way too much pollen or whatever was in the grass and it put her in a bad situation. Dr. Schnars is an awesome woman, and she spent lots of time explaining the breathing system of pugs. I learned quite alot from her and will be watching Pia closely from now on.

Pia got a shot and an antibiotic, and then we headed home. Between Pia, Nora and me, we crashed the minute we got in the door. We were all so exhausted. Nora was beside herself, trying her hardest to make Pia feel better by walking all over her and licking her and basically loving on her the only way she knew how. So sweet.

The rest of the day was spent resting. Pia stayed real close to me and, even now, continues to be my little shadow. With Zoey in her new home, Pia is really able to get the attention she apparently has been craving. This little girl is soooooooooooooo loving. She looks at you with a little bit of her tongue sticking out and you just wanna squeeze her!

I got some great tips from Dr. Schnars and, on the way home yesterday, we stopped at Walgreen's (it's becoming my second home!) for some Vitamin E and Fish Oil capsules. Walgreen's was having a "buy 1, get 1 free" sale, so I was able to stock up. Because of the medications Pia's taking, Dr. Schnars recommended I put Vitamin E in her food each day (50-100 IU), which will help her liver. She also recommended that, each day, I put fish oil or olive oil or flax seed oil in her food. Sooooooooooooo, I grabbed one of the fish oil capsules, stuck it with a knife and poured it over her food, which she promptly gobbled up. The oils are good for the pug's coat, which was another thing I learned.

I spoiled Pia last night! I cooked some baby carrots, sugar snap peas and sweet potatoes and made a puree, which I then added to her food. Oh my gosh, she loved it! I decided that she'll have this special dinner each night which will, hopefully, help her in weight loss department.

So, this is where we are right now! Pia is on the mend and, at present, she's laying right here by my feed, softly snoring her cute little pug snore. We're going to spend the day together, doing laundry, knitting and basically vegging out!
Have a super day everyone!
Pug Hugs,
Leslie, Nora and Pia

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