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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bad to the Bone!

Yesterday was the 4th of July, and I decided to buy the pugs a special treat so they could celebrate too! :) I bought each of them a marrow bone from the grocery store and, if you could have seen Zoey and Pia "go at it," you would still be laughing!
Pia chased her bone around the kitchen floor for a bit but finally was able to "corner it" aside a small cabinet. She never left that bone until she was able to get the marrow out of the center. What a fun thing to watch! Pia was soooooooooooo happy!

Zoe, on the other hand, immediately wanted to bury hers, and she tried very hard to do that under a small blanket on the couch. After her many attempts failed to cover her prize, she seemed to say "what the heck!" and starting noshing away.

Nora, of course, is an old hand at the marrow bone chewing gig, so she got right down to business!

Once the marrow is eaten out of the center of the bone, the bones are usually left there unattended for a bit until one of the pugs notices it and starts chewing on it. Zoey got very territorial about the bones this morning and had two of them right by her side on the couch. If anyone tried to come close, she'd give them her little "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, don't you even THINK about takin' my bonez!"

It was a great 4th and, thankfully, we didn't have lots of noisy firecrackers in the neighborhood, so the pugs were relatively quiet and had a great night's sleep.

Zoey goes to her forever family in two days, so I'm storing up all the pug hugs I can get from her. I think she's going to really enjoy her new family. She's showing to be a pretty "bossy" pug, and she wants to be held all the time or at least be right at your feet. She's such a good girl with lots of energy and love.

Honestly, I think Pia's personality is really going to come out when she's here with just Nora. It seemed that Zoey would naturally "dominate any conversation" so Pia hasn't really had a chance to shine. She's already feeling SO MUCH BETTER from her antibiotics. She lets me clean out her ears and apply her drops twice a day and gives me absolutely no problem taking her little orange pill. She's a sweet, sweet little soul. Her vocals have even quieted down a bit, and I figure it's a combination of her medication and the fact that she may have lost a little weight and is actually breathing better. She's becoming very lovable, which I totally love, and she and Nora get along real well. She goes in and out of the dog door (Zoey still hasn't gotten the hang of it) easily. I also think that, if she lived in a home with a fenced in yard that she could have easy access to at any hour, her housebreaking issues would go away. She walks over to the poolside door but, because there's no way for her to get right out, she will sometimes have an accident if I don't "see her signs" right away.

All in all, I have to give these two little girls lots of credit. In the short time they've been with me, they have truly done well. They are such lovers, and they really just want to be with their family.

They're awesome! That's all I have to say......................................

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AndreaR said...

Your pug and your fosters are cute! Thanks for being a foster home!