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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hangin' Out at Petco!

Yesterday, Pia traveled to Petco for our monthly adoption event. Although the event itself was very successful with lots of positive interest and new homes for some of our puglets (a few people even spent time with Pia too!), Pia did not handle the excitement very well. My overall thoughts are this: Pia Peanut does NOT enjoy strange environments. The "boys" were really rambunctious, and this little sweetie was a bit overwhelmed by all the action and stimulation. She was very "noisy" and took quite a while to settle down once she was able to lay down in a kennel by herself. I don't think she enjoyed Petco at all so, in the future, Pia will most like rest at home while I attend the adoption events. It REALLY is all about Pia, and I think the best environment for her is a mellow-ish home with a low "noise factor." Make sense?

The prednisone Pia is currently being prescribed is making her soooooooooo thirsty and, therefore, she has a bazillion potty breaks during the day. She's had a couple accidents in the house, and I truly believe that, once she's done with this medication, her potty habits will get a bit more scheduled. She's totally a creature of habit and, when it's potty time, she goes right to the same place every single time. She does not enjoy long walks, probably because she tires easily and gets all "noisy" when she's tired. Hopefully, that will also get better.

I didn't get in Pia's face with the camera yesterday, but I WAS able to snap quite a few shots of the other pugs at the event, so I'll share them with you here. Pugs are such people magnets!
Julia, our Welcoming Committee!
Carter Takin' a Snooze..............
Chayse is crossing his paws that he'll get to live with his new buddy!
Caesar chose his Forever Family today! Hooray!
Bubbles is modeling one of the "Fashionable Furbabies" Hawaiian dresses
Murphy is hamming it up!
Happy Sunday!
Leslie and Pia

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