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Pugs and Kisses,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Pia Peanut!

Pia has got to be one of the happiest pugs I've ever met! She's always smiling, with her tongue hanging out! She's starting to "play" a bit every now and then, and Nora gets so excited. Pia has taken to stealing Nora's toys and chewing on them. She's found the squeak in a couple of them, which makes her very excited! She still loves to sleep.......and sleep......and sleep. Well, that's what pugs do!This morning, Nora starting barking up a storm. It was too early for the lawn guys, so I figured it must be the other "distraction" that makes Nora crazy - hot air balloons! Yup, we are really lucky that the local hot air balloon ride companies fly over our home nearly every day. It's so awesome to hear the "whoosh" of the air as it lifts the balloons in the sky. Today, the balloons were extra close, and Nora was running around like a madwoman! Pia, on the other hand, just stood there watching. Pia doesn't get very excited about much of anything unless it involves food.
Pia is still giving me trouble in the "peeing department." Because we don't have a doggie door out to the back yard, I have to watch for Pia's "signs" when she has to go out. She does this little "turning dance" when she's getting ready to pee and, sometimes, I'm not always there to see it. Verrrrrrrrrrrry annoying.............................. I've restricted her to just the kitchen and family room area, so she really can't get out of my sight. HOWEVER, if we "forget" to close the bedroom door, she'll just run in there and, the next thing I know, she's peed on Matt's pants or shorts or whatever he's left on the bedroom floor. Frankly, I'm not sure what to do about this and I'm hoping this won't become so much of a habit that it will keep Pia from finding her forever family. She loves to go out the doggie door to the pool area and, when I DO take her out for a potty break (which is, like 20 times a day - seriously!), she goes right away and then comes right back in. If anyone has any ideas on this, I'd certainly appreciate it. Nora was so much easier to housetrain. I really want Pia to "get" this important thing. She's still on her meds, so maybe THAT'S the issue. I'm also going to call the vet and get her some bloodwork because maybe it's something else. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, Pia is happy as a clam, wanting to eat everything in sight! She loves to be loved on and makes me laugh every single day!
Have a super day,
Leslie and Pia

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