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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Settling In..................

We're starting to get into a pattern here these days. At 7 in the morning, Matt and Nora head out to the kitchen to make the coffee. Zoey and Pia hear all the commotion and start "chirping" from the other room. Matt opens their cages and Zoey IMMEDIATELY jets off into my bedroom to find me, Pia trailing right behind of course!
It's really adorable to see how their personalities are starting to emerge. Zoey LOVES attention and will spend the whole day sitting on your lap if you let her. Right now, she's right beneath my feet as I type this, sort of like THIS:

Pia is starting to feel better after a couple days on her antibiotics for the bladder and ear infection. She's so good about taking her medicine and doesn't mind much when she gets ear wash squirted in her ears. She's a trooper! Right now, this is her position:

They don't like carrots! However, last night I ground up some sugar snap peas in their dinner and they didn't seem to notice. Zoey doesn't like to eat too much in the morning but will scarf down her dinner at night. They love love love to go on walks. When they see me grab their harnesses, they get all excited! Watching their little feet scurry up the sidewalk is so cute. I wish I had a video. The hot air balloons that fill the sky near our home every morning are not such a big deal anymore.
I'm still having a few little housebreaking issues here and there with Pia. I'm hoping that, once her bladder infection clears up, she'll be better. It's just that she doesn't "tell me" when she has to go out and, since I don't have a fenced in yard here, she can't just run out and do her thing.
All in all, we're still having fun over here. I've been working on projects for the rescue and am looking forward to showing Zoey off at Petco in Altamonte Springs on Saturday, July 12 from 11 to 3. If you know of anyone who would like to adopt this adorable little girl, send them to Petco. Zoey will be the little meatball with the huge smile!
Pug hugs,
Leslie and her babies

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