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Pugs and Kisses,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweet Potatoe Pia!

It has truly been a joy to watch "the new Pia" emerge. You know, I never realized how much Zoey "ran the show" until she went to her new family. Before, Pia was an unassuming little pug who made LOTS of noises. If you saw her now, you would wonder if someone didn't "pull a switcheroo" because Pia is blossoming! How exciting!

I've been really watching her stress and activity levels and have made the decision to limit the big walks we take together. Pia just gets too overheated too fast and THAT'S when she has trouble breathing and starts with the noises. For now, we go out to the back yard to go potty and come right back in during the heat of the day. Once it starts cooling down, we spend more time in the yard, bringing Nora along for company. Pia still isn't fond of walking with a leash and I'm not going to force it on her right now. We're taking things nice and slow.......................

I think I may have mentioned that I made a vegetable puree to use in Pia's food in the evenings. Well, she LOVES this stuff! Yesterday, I couldn't get her dinner made fast enough because she was really letting me know she was hungry. She gets all excited without getting all "screamy" and she'll jump on my legs and hang her tongue out. I get the message quickly and try my hardest to put her dinner together right away.

Last night, I placed her bowl on the floor, and she dove right in! Oh my gosh, what a riot! She sounded like a little piglet, gobbling up her dinner. When she was done, she looked up at me and this is what she looked like:
Don't you just wanna squeeze her? I laughed and laughed and gave her all kinds of hugs, which I'm discovering is something she just loves.

Pia is really changing, and I'm so happy about that. She gives me no trouble when it's medicine time, and she loves to sleep on the couch right next to me. Nora loves to give her kisses too. When Pia sleeps, a little piece of her tongue hangs out and, when she wakes up, she looks at you and it's still sticking out and it's so comical. She sleeps in her kennel at night, and she never minds. However, when morning comes, I hear her little bark (it really IS a little one!) and I know it's time to get up.
My Sweet Potato Pia is a truly remarkable little pug. Have a great day!
Pugs and Kisses,
Leslie and the girls

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