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Pugs and Kisses,

Monday, September 15, 2008

Best Friends!

Nora and Pia Peanut have become such great friends. Nora, at almost 2 years old, really has grown into such a caring little girl. It's amazing to see how she watches out for Pia. When Matt walks them in the morning (what a nice guy, letting me sleep in!), Nora always waits for Pia and never rushes ahead. Sometimes, Pia will slip her collar (she has NO neck!) and, when that happens, Nora runs and "herds" her back to Matt. So cute.

When the two girls are snuggling on the couch, Nora's favorite spot is literally right on top of Pia. She'll rest her chin on Pia's head and sleep just like that, and Pia doesn't even seem to mind.
Pia is doing so well and has really settled in to her schedule of medications, which she takes like a trouper. Once she has her dental done (bad breath! PHEW!), she'll be ready for her forever family. If you or someone you know is able to give Pia that perfect home, please let us know. Pia gets along well with dogs, cats and people. To be honest, she'd probably do much better in a family that doesn't have small children because Pia really does best in a calm environment. She likes her very short walks in the morning and evening, with a few potty breaks during the day. Otherwise, she sleeps. If you have a fenced in yard and a doggie door, that would be heaven for Pia since one of her medications makes her very thirsty, and lots of water means more potty breaks!
Have a super day!
Pug Hugs,
Leslie, Nora and Pia

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