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Monday, September 8, 2008

Great News!

I'm so happy to report some great news received yesterday from Dr. Hart's office:

Rainey was examined, and Dr. Schnarz believes that she will NOT lose her eye! Woo hoo! Are you dancin' or WHAT? They mixed up some of their super duper eye serum, and Rainey will spend the week in the office getting her eye better. I was sooooooooo excited to hear this news. Even though Rainey would've looked adorable as a "winker," having two functioning eyes is certainly a better outcome, wouldn't you agree?

She was also retested for HW, and it was discovered that she had a very slight positive, so (more good news) she won't need that nasty HW treatment after all. They'll treat her with a good dose of HW preventative and that will be that. Gosh! Now that REALLY made my day. Years ago, I had a shepherd with HW, and I still remember how difficult the recovery was for Skye. I'm so happy to know that Rainey won't have to go through that.

Of course, sweetie pie was covered in fleas and was treated for that. I imagine that, after a flea treatment and a bath, Rainey is probably looking pret-ty darn gorgeous. I can't wait to take a photo of her because the video really does not show the beauty of this special girl.

Have a pugarrific day!
Leslie, Nora, Pia and Rainey

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