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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rainey's Ready for her new Home!

It's official: Rainey is ready to be adopted! I took her to the eye specialist last week and his diagnosis is that Rainey has approximately 30% vision in her remaining eye, due to the fact that the pigment in her eye has moved to cover most of her cornea. The inner eye itself is in great condition – it’s just that silly cornea! He has prescribed two treatments – a simple over the counter gel drop which will help keep her eye lubricated and a more expensive prescription drop which he believes may help to pull back some of the pigment and open up her cornea. The over the counter drops are about $12 (Publix) and I have started using them on her. She gives me no trouble with putting drops in which is a good thing.

These treatments are life long so any family wishing to adopt this beauty will have to be aware of that. The Dr. was FANTASTIC and did a great check up. His equipment was able to record what he saw and play it back for me so I could actually “see” what he was talking about when explaining about her pigment. He says that, when she had the ulcer or injury, what happened was that, as the veins moved in to heal her injury, the pigment “followed” which caused the cornea to be covered. He says it’s kind of like Rainey has a “dirty windshield” where she may see light but not much else, except out of that little crescent on the outside edge.

He went on to say that the over the counter drops would help to keep her eye lubricated because she also has that “pug thing” where the folds on the bottom of the eye fold in and rub against the eye (can’t remember what it’s called) and that also moves the pigment up.

He says that, if she ends up being on the second eye drop, she will have to be seen each year because the drop is a prescription. He says a 45 day supply (one drop a day) is roughly $50. And this is for the rest of her life.

I felt really good after seeing the Dr. because he really helped me to understand Rainey’s condition. As it stands now, she is a VERY spunky little girl with lots and lots of love to give. She will probably do best in a home with maybe one other dog and probably no cats, since she terrorizes them. My poor Siamese twins have been in the other bedroom since Rainey arrived, which makes me sad, She’s pretty dominant but not in a bad way. She wants to play all the time and, if there are two dogs playing together, she will get very upset if she’s not included and will raise a ruckus.

She loves to go for her walks and if you could see my husband walking all three dogs (Rainey, my puglet, Nora and Betty the min pin) you would laugh but, at the same time, be very impressed. He’s really got it going with them. Way cute!

Rainey eats like a horse but is very polite and doesn’t growl when others come near her food. When you give her a treat, she’s very gentle and doesn’t take your finger off. It’s cute to watch because she’ll tilt her little head so she can see what you have and then she’ll open her mouth for it. So so adorable!

Rainey is a beautiful animal with fur so soft that I just want to snuggle with her all day. Snuggle? Oh yes, Rainey is definitely a snuggler. The moment the lights go out in the living room at night, Rainey is the first one to pop up off the couch and run to the bedroom. She likes to be the first one on the bed to get the best spot, right in Mommy’s arms. She’s not a “noisy” sleeper, which is lovely. In fact, she’s not too noisy at all. She’s kind of snuffly and will make a bit of noise when excited but that’s about it.

We bring her in the shower to get washed and, although she’s not fond of it, she’ll be fine once she gets in. She is trained to go outside using the doggy door so I consider her housebroken.

I really really do not recommend having Rainey go to anyone who has an in ground pool. She literally does not see what’s in front of her many times and she will walk right in a pool without even realizing it. And she’s not a swimmer. When we were in Orlando, she fell in 3 times the first day and it was not something I care to have repeated, although I have to say that it was probably harder on me than on Rainey. She’s such a trooper!

So, is there any other adjectives I can add to this post to describe this wonderful girl? If so, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, let’s cross our fingers that the perfect forever family will open their hearts to “Rainey Boo Boo.”

Have a super puggerrific day!

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